Table of Contents

The following is a chapter-level table of contents. For the complete table of contents to Construction Project Management by Alison Dykstra, including sections and subheadings, click here.

  1. The Construction Industry & Trends
  2. Green Construction: A Builder’s Opportunity
  3. Construction Projects & Players
  4. Project Stages
  5. The Owner’s Feasibility
  6. Project Delivery Methods
  7. Programming and Design Phase
  8. Bidding and Awarding the Job
  9. Contractors: Finding and Qualifying for the Right Jobs
  10. Fundamentals of Estimating
  11. Creating Estimates
  12. Introduction to Contracts
  13. Types of Construction Contracts
  14. The Agreement
  15. General & Supplementary Conditions
  16. Contract Specifications
  17. Pre-Construction & Mobilization
  18. The Construction Phase
  19. Fundamentals of Scheduling
  20. Creating and Using the Schedule
  21. Buying Out the Job: Subcontracting
  22. Changes in the Work
  23. Getting Paid
  24. Claims, Disputes, and Mechanic’s Liens
  25. Close-Out and Occupancy
  26. Glossary

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    "This book is a great introduction to the field and represents a powerful argument for an increased focus on green construction. Dykstra's writing is clear, concise and well informed by decades of experience in the field."
    ~ Jerry Yudelson, PE, LEED Fellow, author and speaker, founder of the Yudelson Associates consultancy

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